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the diary of adam and eve hesperus classics mark twain - the diary of adam and eve hesperus classics mark twain john updike on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers written in diary form the diary of adam and eve is an ingenious witty and ultimately delightful retelling of the dawn of human creation with many a grain of truth for today s gender disputes master storyteller mark twain hilariously recreates the very first days, amazon com extracts from adam s diary eve s diary - extracts from adam s diary published by mark twain in 1893 before eve s diary in 1905 is not as charming humorous and unforgettable as eve s diary perhaps because he was not moved when he wrote extracts by his wife s death in 1904 as he was when he composed eve, mark twain quotations eve - eve i was greatly interested in the incident of eve and the serpent and thought eve s calmness was perfectly noble i asked mr b if he had ever heard of another woman who being approached by a serpent would not excuse herself and break for the nearest timber, mark twain bibliography wikipedia - samuel langhorne clemens november 30 1835 april 21 1910 well known by his pen name mark twain was an american author and humorist twain is noted for his novels adventures of huckleberry finn 1884 which has been called the great american novel and the adventures of tom sawyer 1876 he also wrote poetry short stories essays and non fiction, mark twain american literature - the mark twain page at american literature featuring a biography and free library of the author s novels stories poems letters and texts, adam and eve wikipedia - adam and eve are the bible s first man and first woman adam s name appears first in genesis 1 with a collective sense as mankind subsequently in genesis 2 3 it carries the definite article ha equivalent to english the indicating that this is the man in these chapters god fashions the man ha adam from earth adamah breathes life into his nostrils and makes him a caretaker, mark twain quotations love - love seems the swiftest but it is the slowest of all growths no man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century, eve s diary a monologue - eve we are getting along very well now adam and i and getting better and better acquainted he does not try to avoid me any more which is a good sign and shows that he likes to have me with him, short stories the 1 000 000 bank note by mark twain - full online text of the 1 000 000 bank note by mark twain other short stories by mark twain also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors