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when we were very young winnie the pooh a a milne - when we were very young winnie the pooh a a milne ernest h shepard on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers celebrate the 90th birthday of one of the world s most beloved icons of children s literature winnie the pooh a classic celebration of childhood, when we were very young deluxe edition winnie the pooh - when we were very young and now we are six complete the four volume set of deluxe editions of the milne and shepard classic works like their companions the winnie the pooh 80th anniversary edition and the house at pooh corner these beautiful books feature full color artwork on cream colored stock the imaginative charm that has made pooh the world s most famous bear pervades the pages of, when we were very young wikipedia - when we were very young is a best selling book of poetry by a a milne it was first published in 1924 and was illustrated by e h shepard several of the verses were set to music by harold fraser simson the book begins with an introduction entitled just before we begin which in part tells readers to imagine for themselves who the narrator is and that it might be christopher robin, winnie the pooh wikipedia - winnie the pooh also called pooh bear is a fictional anthropomorphic teddy bear created by english author a a milne the first collection of stories about the character was the book winnie the pooh 1926 and this was followed by the house at pooh corner 1928 milne also included a poem about the bear in the children s verse book when we were very young 1924 and many more in now we, milne winnie the pooh chapter 1 linkengpark - in which we are introduced to winnie the pooh and some bees and the stories begin the 1st part of the winnie the pooh chapter 1, a a milne on happiness and how winnie the pooh was born - although alan alexander milne january 18 1882 january 31 1956 is best known for authoring the winnie the pooh book series he was also a prolific poet in 1924 two years before the first winnie the pooh book he penned when we were very young public library a collection of poetry for young children illustrated by e h shepard in the 38th poem of the book titled teddy bear, pooh corner a short history of pooh and winnie - only official winnie the pooh web site licensed to peter dennis by the pooh trustees devoted to his audio recordings and theatre performances of bother comprising the complete works of winnie the pooh when we were very young now we are six and the house at pooh corner by a a milne illustrated by e h shepard, winnie the pooh by a a milne ernest h shepard - editorial reviews this writing business pencils and what not over rated if you ask me silly stuff nothing in it but somehow despite eeyore s strong opinion about the word business winnie the pooh has changed the face of children s literature and brightened children s faces for 80 years now, gopher winnie the pooh disney wiki - gopher is a character from walt disney animation studios s winnie the pooh franchise first appearing in winnie the pooh and the honey tree gopher was the only character in the original shorts that was an original character and not based on someone from the a a milne books a fact he notes in