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the stranger analysis shmoop - literary devices in the stranger symbolism imagery allegory perhaps more than facial expressions the sun is an apt indicator and perhaps predicting device for us much like punxsutawney phil, sparknotes the stranger how to write literary analysis - literary analysis involves examining all the parts of a novel play short story or poem elements such as character setting tone and imagery and thinking about how the author uses those elements to create certain effects, camus the stranger novel guide literary analysis of the - camus here defines mearsault as a man indifferent it seems to whether something is right wrong or even appropriate but instead acutely aware of how his physical environment is affecting him as seen in the following example, the stranger analysis paper english literature essay - in albert camus s the stranger the absurdity of life from camus s eyes are put on display through the main character meursault the sense that the meaning of life is in the human experiences and that things shouldn t be questioned is the basis of who meursault truly is as a person, the idea of existentialism in the stranger literary - death fails to upset meursault in the stranger albert camus emphasizes mortality in order to expose the ignorance humanity has towards the inevitable or unknown end camus s emphasis on time accentuates meursault s indifference this indifference reveals that death occurs inevitably regardless of time, the stranger analysis enotes com - meursault the narrator and main protagonist in albert camus s existentialist novel the stranger shows many characteristics held to the philosophy of absurdism as the novel begins meursault, literary analysis how meursault is indifferent in the - literary analysis how meursault is indifferent in the stranger by albert camus although meursault is the title character and narrator of albert camus short novel the stranger he is also a somewhat flat character his apparent indifferent demeanor may be a convenience to camus who mainly wanted to display his ideas of absurdism, the stranger essays gradesaver - the stranger albert camus the stranger literature essays are academic essays for citation these papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the stranger, analysis of the stranger by albert camus essay - the stranger by albert camus shows a man fighting society in his head and how he deals with it the novella uses tone theme and literary devices to show this man s life and his sceptical view of the world as he discovers that he can change only to find out that it is too late, albert camus s the stranger cambridge scholars - albert camus s philosophy of communication making sense in an age of absurdity as well as a contributor to critical insights albert camus and the sage encyclopedia of identity, sparknotes the stranger plot overview - plot overview meursault the narrator is a young man living in algiers after receiving a telegram informing him of his mother s death he takes a bus to marengo where his mother had been living in an old persons home, the stranger summary enotes com - this is the first line of albert camus great existential novel the stranger the narrator and protagonist meursault receives a telegram telling him that his mother has died in her retirement home, the stranger camus novel wikipedia - l tranger the outsider uk or the stranger us is a 1942 novel by french author albert camus its theme and outlook are often cited as examples of camus philosophy of the absurd and existentialism though camus personally rejected the latter label