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a glorious way to die the kamikaze mission of the - a glorious way to die the kamikaze mission of the battleship yamato russell spurr on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers acclaimed by critics historians and military leaders the world over, operation ten go wikipedia - operation ten go or part of the battle of okinawa pacific theater world war ii yamato under attack a large fire burns aft of her superstructure and she is low in the water from torpedo damage, japanese battleship yamato wikipedia - yamato was the lead ship of her class of battleships built for the imperial japanese navy ijn shortly before world war ii she and her sister ship musashi were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed displacing 72 800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 46 cm 18 1 in type 94 main guns which were the largest guns ever mounted on a warship, amazon com battleship yamato of war beauty and irony - an extraordinary and strikingly illustrated reflection on the meaning of war from one of our greatest living writers the battleship yamato of the imperial japanese navy was the most powerful warship of world war ii and represented the climax as it were of the japanese warrior traditions of the samurai the ideals of honor discipline and self sacrifice that had immemorially ennobled, yamato today japanese battleship yamato - yamato s myth has built more on the role on being the symbl of national prestige than a practical weapon there is plenty of interesting yamato stuff going on still today, yamato and musashi internet photo archive - yamato was a singularly beautiful ship with a graceful sheer to her flush deck unbroken from stem to stern and a streamlined mast and stack samuel eliot morison history of us naval operations in ww2 vol 14 pp 202, yamato cuirass wikip dia - en octobre ou novembre 1941 le yamato effectua des essais en mer pour atteindre sa vitesse maximale de 27 4 n uds 50 7 km h 15 n 1 alors que la guerre mena ait priorit a t donn e l acc l ration de la construction militaire, yamato 1941 wikipedia la enciclopedia libre - el yamato fue un acorazado de la armada imperial japonesa durante la segunda guerra mundial era l der de la clase yamato y junto con su buque gemelo el musashi fue el acorazado m s pesado y fuertemente armado jam s construido gracias a su desplazamiento de 72 800 toneladas a plena carga y sus nueve ca ones de 460 mm sin embargo no sobrevivi a la guerra mundial, leeroy jenkins tv tropes - naruto naruto gets called out on this when he runs off after yukimaru by himself in the three tails arc with kakashi and yamato reminding him of the impact his actions could have had on the mission and sakura punching naruto into the ground so hard he makes a crater, point defenseless tv tropes - point defense is a military term referring to the active protection of a single asset such as a ship or a building in modern terms this means computerized systems with sophisticated targeting sensors that automatically engage incoming enemy aircraft or missiles in fiction this can apply to space combat as well, film streaming gratuit hd en vf et vostfr s rie et manga - pour t l charger et voir les films en streaming gratuitement sur notre site enregistrer vous gratuitement