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search all australian institute of aboriginal and torres - browse all find out about aboriginal and torres strait islander peoples history culture and rights history understanding where we come from helps us shape a better future culture experience the diversity of the longest continuous cultures in the world people meet the aboriginal and torres strait islander people who have made a difference, the justice system and aboriginal people - aboriginal justice systems introduction the argument for aboriginal justice systems taking control social cohesion our recommendation american indian tribal courts, m tis national council - canada and the m tis nation move forward on canada m tis nation accord on june 15 2018 the prime minister justin trudeau met with the president of the m tis national council mnc cl ment chartier and the presidents of the mnc governing members at the annual crown m tis nation summit, allan gregg tecumseh s ghost - thanks to the walrus magazine who have reprinted this article in ebook format for more info on format see their faq 200 years ago today in what is now called moraviantown ontario the great shawnee warrior tecumseh was killed defending canada against invading american troops during the war of 1812, communist party of canada parti communiste du canada - the communist party of canada calls on the trudeau government and immigration refugees and citizenship minister ahmed hussen to end meetings with u s counterparts discussing expanding and continuing the xenophobic safe third country agreement and instead immediately withdraw from the agreement, 15 stunning aboriginal artworks from across canada - national aboriginal day also known as national indigenous peoples day arrives in canada on june 21 it s a chance for canadians to celebrate the culture and achievements of first nations inuit and metis people we re celebrating the occasion by highlighting some stunning indigenous art from, it might get loud military flypast set for aboriginal - the city warned that anyone in the vicinity of the national aboriginal veterans monument late thursday morning may hear a loud noise as military planes perform a flypast, new atlas of indigenous peoples reveals country before - the royal canadian geographical society unveiled its four volume indigenous peoples atlas of canada on thursday a two year labour that offers an unprecedented amount of information about canada s first peoples their languages and culture and a history that is both inspiring and tragic, dfat indigenous peoples strategy 2015 2019 a framework - the australian government is committed to providing opportunities to assist indigenous peoples both in australia and overseas to overcome social and economic disadvantages, links to human rights organisations and resources - this website contains links to other websites that are external to the australian human rights commission the commission takes reasonable care in linking websites but has no direct control over the content of the linked sites or the changes that may occur to the content on those sites, the right to vote is not enjoyed equally by all - a healthy democracy makes sure that all members of the community have equal access to the political process australia is a democratic nation where governments are elected by popular vote, leadership selection in first nations - this website will change as a result of the dissolution of indigenous and northern affairs canada consult the new crown indigenous relations and northern affairs canada home page or the new indigenous services canada home page the government of canada is committed to working in partnership with, conference leadership ggclc ccggl - david mckay vice chair business and finance president and ceo royal bank of canada dave mckay was appointed president of rbc on february 26 2014 and chief executive officer and director of the board on august 1 2014