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how to attract women how to meet women - how to attract women with alpha male confidence learn the secrets of what women want in a man by, alpha masculinity dating tips for guys - understand yourself and women your key to consistent success remember this no matter what anyone says to you being a masculine guy is a good thing it s nothing to be ashamed of, learning curve infp is not alpha - 62 comments darlingdoll82 said do you think it s possible to modify certain of the infp behaviors similar to how a shy person can work on overcoming their shyness wherein they may always be shy or have some anxiety in social situations but ultimately force themselves through their shyness to better interact with others sorry for the terrible example but i couldn t think of a better, the difference between the nice guy the asshole and the - in the manosphere there are typically two defined sects of men white knights and red pillers while this division has value i find there to be three types of men the nice guy the asshole and the alpha male, alpha mind power power of the subconscious mind - how can we access this power of our subconscious is there a key yes the alpha level of our mind is the key this level can be reached through meditation scientists have done a lot of research about the functioning of our brain, the toxic alpha male paging dr nerdlove - every once in a while i like to go browse through some various blogs forums and subreddits specializing in men s dating advice to see what theories are being espoused it s not terribly surprising to me to see that the idea of being alpha is continuing to be tossed around as the end all be all of dating it s, confidence and how to talk to women carlos xuma s alpha - attract women with conversation and communication confidence imagine how you ll feel when you can keep any conversation going without effort and without all those routines and memorized scripts talk to anyone anywhere anytime and make a friend a business contact or a possible date know exactly how to calibrate to a woman s state, how to control and dominate women sibg - d on t you hate it when your girlfriend suddenly takes control and becomes the dominant one in the relationship well who doesn t i won t beat around the bush here if you re desperately wanting to find out how to control and dominate women at this point then this means that may already be facing some pretty huge problems with your woman don t worry though for your sibg com, a woman s hidden sacrifice to become a doctor medical - many people do not know what they are getting into when they start medical school from my own informal poll of my classmates 50 of them would not become a doctor if they knew what they know now, how do girls attract a dominant man pipubs alpha male - if you would like the fastest easiest and most technologically advanced program one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use to truly attract women my alpha training program is success guaranteed you can check out the program here and start listening and reading it risk free right now, why you should live life like a villain return of kings - cutting people off in traffic should be mandatory behavior for all male drivers there are so many drivers especially women and particularly under 30 women who are constantly holding up traffic with their incessant texting that they should be cut off endlessly and mercilessly for no other reason than payback for all the texting they were doing 5 minutes ago or will do in the next 5 minutes, 7 reasons modern western men are effete weaklings and - stuart you are absolutley correct all children at a young age need to learn how to defend themselves and know what to do if and when they are encountered in a situation where it is required to fight i was blessed with a alpha male masucaline father who was a boxer and a wrestler, the shit test encyclopedia illimitable men - question about this particular shit test her stating that she has a boyfriend let s say that she s asked you out for coffee after work but then one of the first things that she says just on the way to the car is that she has a boyfriend, five reasons nigerian men marry white women negromanosphere - five reasons nigerian men marry white women some marry for money some marry hoping that marriage will get them out of poverty, what is neomasculinity roosh v - 10 reasons why heterosexual men should leave america men are nothing more than clowns to the modern woman the 3 immutable laws of getting the highest quality women, the futurist the misandry bubble - conclusion i am just an observer and will not become an activist of any sort although as described earlier being an inactivist in the spirit of mahatma gandhi is also powerful, informationweek serving the information needs of the - informationweek com news analysis commentary and research for business technology professionals, where microaggressions really come from a sociological - where microaggressions really come from a sociological account posted by jonathan haidt in civility social trends i just read the most extraordinary paper by two sociologists bradley campbell and jason manning explaining why concerns about microaggressions have erupted on many american college campuses in just the past few years in brief we re beginning a second transition of, answers the most trusted place for answering life s - answers com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want, ssc survey results sexual harassment levels by field - i think the fundamental problem is the conception of how sexual harassment works the prototypical model is the idea that you have a harrasser type male representing some non zero percentage of the population who will satiate himself upon a set number of victims with various levels of need in terms of number of victims and intensity of harassment, never ever marry an american woman western women suck - i can t say dating a foreign women would be better but whatever makes you happy because it is getting worse and pretty soon the wall silence will be a full affect