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amazon com ancient slavery and modern ideology - moses finley s classic 1980 work ancient slavery and modern ideology was re issued in 1998 by brent shaw with added commentary and is the edition reviewed here finley was interested in ancient slavery and its ideological misinterpretations by other historians to finley there have been only, slavery in ancient greece wikipedia - slavery was a common practice in ancient greece as in other societies of the time some ancient greek writers including most notably aristotle considered slavery natural and even necessary this paradigm was notably questioned in socratic dialogues the stoics produced the first recorded condemnation of slavery most activities were open to slaves except politics which was reserved for, resisting slavery in ancient rome bbc home - the realities of slavery in plutarch s day rome had been the predominant political power in the ancient mediterranean world for roughly 500 years and was to remain so for three centuries more, greek and roman slavery routledge sourcebooks for the - greek and roman slavery routledge sourcebooks for the ancient world 1st edition, roman slavery in our time bbc radio 4 - neville morley at the university of exeter ulrike roth at the university of edinburgh myles lavan at the university of st andrews slavery in ancient rome wikipedia, the bible and slavery ageecreative - make good use of your servitude some observations on biblical interpretation and slavery by michael marlowe october 2003 when you buy a hebrew slave six years shall he serve and in the seventh shall he go out free for nothing, resource the western tradition - covering the ancient world through the age of technology this illustrated lecture by eugen weber presents a tapestry of political and social events woven with many strands religion industry agriculture demography government economics and art