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cleisthenes of athens biography facts britannica com - cleisthenes of athens cleisthenes of athens statesman regarded as the founder of athenian democracy serving as the highest magistrate of athens, pericles of athens and the birth of democracy amazon com - kagan s pericles of athens and the birth of democracy is an extremely well written book on a remarkable statesman who lived nearly twenty five hundred years ago, ancient greece ancient athens - the history of ancient athens from 6 000 bc until the 12th ad century and the most important events of these centuries, pericles biography life family children young son - early life and family pericles was the son of xanthippus a statesman and general of an upper class family probably the bouzygae and agariste a niece of the famous statesman cleisthenes the leader of a powerful clan the alcmeonidae, agamemnon greek mythology britannica com - agamemnon agamemnon in greek legend king of mycenae or argos he was the son or grandson of atreus king of mycenae and his wife a rope and was the brother of menelaus, the democratic experiment bbc home - professor paul cartledge reveals the roots of western democracy, history of athens greece a brief reference to athens history - a short reference to athens history from the ancient times to modern includes history of athens and general references to the history of greece, the glory that was greece watson org - the theatre is a great semi circle on the slope of the acropolis with rows of stone seats on which about eighteen thousand spectators can sit, the rise of athens the story of the world s greatest - the rise of athens the story of the world s greatest civilization kindle edition by anthony everitt download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets, pausanias 1 17 29 theoi greek mythology - description of greece 1 17 29 translated by w h s jones athens 1 17 1 xvii in the athenian market place among the objects not generally known is an altar to mercy of all divinities the most useful in the life of mortals and in the vicissitudes of fortune but honored by the athenians alone among the greeks