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batman beyond hush beyond paperback amazon com - batman beyond hush beyond adam beechen ryan benjamin on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a new graphic novel inspired by the fan favorite animated tv series batman beyond terry mcginnis the batman of the future and an elderly bruce wayne the original batman are the sworn protectors of neo gotham but when someone targets the dark knight s old foes, batman hush dc database fandom powered by wikia - batman hush is a twelve part batman storyline written by jeph loeb and illustrated by jim lee it s published in the batman series following the conclusion to ed brubaker s long term fugitive saga and followed by brian batman hush is a twelve part batman storyline written by jeph loeb and, batman beyond batman wiki fandom powered by wikia - batman beyond also known as batman of the future in some regions is an american animated television series created by the wb television network in collaboration with dc comics as a continuation of the batman legacy batman beyond began airing on january 10 1999 and ended its run on december 18 2001 with 52 episodes and one direct to video movie under its belt the series was then put, batman beyond dc database fandom powered by wikia - this is the batman beyond disambiguation page batman beyond is a concept involving the batman mythos and the batman family in a high tech cyberpunk setting many years into the future the main character is terry mcgin movies comics, amazon com batman heart of hush 8601419986590 paul - paul dini is a multiple emmy and eisner award winning writer and producer who has helped redefine the legends of the dc universe in such series as the new batman superman adventures batman beyond krypto and justice league unlimited in doing so he co created one of the most popular characters in comics in harley quinn who originated as a character in batman the animated series, batman beyond tv series 1999 2001 imdb - created by bill finger bob kane with will friedle kevin conroy lauren tom cree summer fueled by remorse and vengeance a high schooler named terry mcginnis revives the role of batman under supervision of an elderly bruce wayne he fights crime in a harsh futuristic gotham, lego batman 3 beyond gotham brickipedia fandom - lego batman 3 beyond gotham is the third installment in the lego batman videogame series released on november 8th 2014 in the netherlands november 11th 2014 in north america and november 14th elsewhere, batman comic book wikipedia - batman is an ongoing american comic book series featuring the dc comics superhero batman as its main protagonist the character first appeared in detective comics 27 cover dated may 1939 batman proved to be so popular that a self titled ongoing comic book series began publication with a cover date of spring 1940 it was first advertised in early april 1940 one month after the first, batman batman wiki fandom powered by wikia - batman has been gotham s protector for decades ceo of wayne enterprises patriarch of the bat family and veteran member of the justice league is a superhero co created by artist bob kane and writer bill finger and published by dc comics the character made his first appearance in detective comics 27 may 1939 batman is the secret identity of bruce wayne, batman t shirts for sale batman merchandise comic - shop our batman t shirts for sale and other comic clothing online find batman merchandise inspired by the dc comics the movies animated series and more, batman simple english wikipedia the free encyclopedia - batman is a fictional character created by bob kane and bill finger for dc comics he is one of the most famous and popular superheroes batman began in comic books and was later used in several movies tv programs and books there are also many toys and other merchandise dealing with batman and other characters and items from the world he lives in batman lives in the fictional city of gotham, batman arkham wiki fandom powered by wikia - batman then made his way to jezebel plaza to interrogate penguin s arms dealer ricky loose lips leblanc and observed him and the penguin s henchmen selling weapons until he interrupted their deal the vigilante attempted to interrogate the terrified leblanc only to unintentionally choke him into unconsciousness