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with popular single payer plan bernie sanders enters new - when he introduced his medicare for all bill last week bernie sanders also put down on paper the idea he s been talking about sometimes loudly sometimes with caution other times not publicly at all for more than 20 years a wealth tax in the united states in 1997 in his book outsider, bernie sanders presidential campaign 2016 wikipedia - the 2016 presidential campaign of bernie sanders the junior united states senator and former representative from vermont began with an informal announcement on april 30 2015 and a formal announcement that he planned to seek the democratic party s nomination for president of the united states on may 26 2015 in burlington vermont, what is bernie sanders net worth money nation - anti billionaire bernie sanders net worth is 528 014 our bernie sanders net worth figure comes from a deep dive into his public disclosure forms, how bernie sanders lost his hair real jew news - you can take the jew out of the democratic party but you can t take the democratic party out of the jew brooklyn born jew bernie sanders is an independent but when viewing his voting record he sure looks like a jewish democrat bernie calls himself a socialist but he d fit, bernie sanders on healthcare feelthebern org - bernie sanders on healthcare he believes the challenges facing the american healthcare system need to be addressed immediately, transcript bernie sanders meets with the daily news - the daily news editorial board interviewed sen bernie sanders democratic candidate for president on april 1 in the offices of the newspaper in downtown manhattan, bernie sanders earned more than 1 million in 2016 money - bernie sanders who was further catapulted into the spotlight during his campaign for the democratic nomination earned 1 million last year, flashback bernie sanders praised socialist venezuela as - flashback bernie sanders praised socialist venezuela as model for ending income inequality may 30 2016 five years ago future democratic presidential contender bernie sanders described socialist ruled venezuela as a more suitable exemplar of the american dream than the united states, bernie sanders inflates trump tax plan benefits to - sen bernie sanders i vt called president donald trump s budget a massive transfer of wealth from working families the elderly children the sick and the poor to the top 1 percent quot why is it more important to give a 100 billion tax break to 3 of the wealthiest families than to feed house and educate 15 million people quot, bernie sanders in his own words 250 quotes from america - bernie sanders in his own words 250 quotes from america s political revolutionary chamois holschuh walker bragman robert reich on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers div here is a collection of the most salient hard hitting no nonsense quotes that have made bernie sanders the beloved leader of our revolution, bernie sanders wikip dia - bernie sanders portrait officiel de bernie sanders 2007 fonctions s nateur des tats unis pour le vermont en fonction depuis le 3 janvier 2007 11 ans 6 mois et 3 jours, there is no bernie sanders movement slate magazine - he d just been declared the winner in the wisconsin democratic primary and now bernie sanders speaking from a stage in laramie wyoming was thunderi, trump tax plan slammed by bernie sanders democrats - at a time of massive wealth and income inequality trump s tax plan is morally repugnant and bad economic policy sanders said in a statement, bernie sanders refuses to endorse his own son s run for - here is levi sanders the son of vermont senator bernie sanders running for a new hampshire congressional seat, bernie sanders says he s one of the poorer members of the - vermont sen bernie sanders relishes his everyman persona and during the democratic presidential debate in brooklyn he offered evidence that he s out of place in the quot millionaires rsquo club quot that is the u s senate quot i remain one of the poorer members of the united states senate quot sanders said, 14 things bernie sanders has said about socialism politico - sanders 73 has been preaching socialism for nearly half a century and he cites eugene debs the five time presidential candidate of the socialist party of america as his hero, bernie sanders and the 90 income tax rate that forbes - peter j reilly contributor i focus on the tax issues of individuals businesses more opinions expressed by forbes contributors are their own bernie sanders supporters seem to want to make it real clear that he will not be proposing a 90 income tax rate yesterday vote bernie sanders 2016 an, bernie sanders favorite oil and gas subsidy forbes - ever wonder why fossil fuel subsidies exist despite seemingly overwhelming opposition to their existence it s because everyone even bernie sanders demand programs that serve as fossil fuel subsidies but they don t always recognize them as such, bernie sanders who is rich complains that wealthy people - independent senator bernie sanders of vermont slammed the billionaire class again on monday warning that a few oligarchs are now controlling a huge portion of the global economy to the detriment of the working class in a lengthy cnn column he argued that the wealthy are never satisfied with what, hey bernie i left venezuela s socialism behind for a - hey bernie i left venezuela s socialism behind for a reason voices sanders supporters should note collectivism leads to poverty chaos and toilet paper shortages, sanders and warren are criticizing obama s 400 000 wall - update sen elizabeth warren d mass has now called obama s 400 000 speaking fee troubling i was troubled by that she told siriusxm s radio andy on thursday and later thursday sen bernie sanders i vt called it unfortunate twice here s what bernie told me about barack s big, our revolution income inequality - the next step for bernie sanders movement is a new group called our revolution which will fight to transform america and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in