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british army during world war i wikipedia - the british army during world war i fought the largest and most costly war in its long history unlike the french and german armies the british army was made up exclusively of volunteers as opposed to conscripts at the beginning of the conflict furthermore the british army was considerably smaller than its french and german counterparts, british army neck curtains military sun helmets - neck curtains were worn by the forces of nations such as france and germany with reference to the early interest in the neck curtain by the french army being given by martin who in 1859 noted that scouttenten of algeria was at that time pre eminent among french physicians in urging the necessity for its use 6 jud e in 1863 was instrumental in introducing the couvre nuque or neck, united states flag manual the montney family home page - united states flag manual the military salute project msp 08 http militarysalute proboards45 com, wrong tank ethos where s the engineer cavalry - despite general hobart s final report both the american army and marine corps refused to develop a combat engineer tank force aka an engineer cavalry to act as spearheads to breakthrough for the main body nor see to it that the main body is fully 2d and 3d maneuver capable