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the pdt cocktail book the complete bartender s guide from - the pdt cocktail book the complete bartender s guide from the celebrated speakeasy jim meehan chris gall on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers now you don t have to leave your home to learn how to mix and serve the sensational cocktails created by jim meehan, amazon com the spirit infusion kit infuse your booze - amazon com the spirit infusion kit infuse your booze 70 homemade flavored vodka recipes become an infused alcohol cocktail mixologist using the 110pg recipe and instruction book great gift party hit kitchen dining, blue hawaiian cocktail recipe ice cold and refreshing - blue hawaiian recipe transport yourself somewhere sunny and relaxing with this tropical pineapple and coconut cocktail the most refreshing summer cocktail around no summer plans no problem this blue hawaiian recipe will transport you straight to a place of pale white sand and softly crashing waves a place where you have nothing to do and all day to do it this blue hawaiian cocktail tastes, classic prawn cocktail recipe bbc good food - this retro starter packed with juicy prawns will never go out of fashion from bbc good food, the classic boulevardier cocktail recipe thespruceeats com - the boulevardier is a sophisticated and classic cocktail that is sometimes referred to as a whiskey negroni however the boulevardier cocktail may have predated the negroni though as is common in the cocktail world the exact dates of creation for both drinks are a little sketchy, bishop cocktail recipe a classic with rum and red wine - pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice shake well strain into a chilled red wine glass the classic bishop punch the main difference in the punch recipe is that it inverts the rum and wine which is a smart move for any party, midori splice cocktail recipe genius kitchen - this came from the little recipe book attached to my bottle of midori this makes a pitcher of neon chartreuse colored cocktails about six tall drinks on ice garnish with a pineapple wedge but i do always add a tropical paper parasol and dont tell anyone but my fiance likes to add an extra shot of malibu to his glass and i like an extra shot of midori, alton brown s rise and grind cocktail recipe - get the recipe for alton brown s rise and grind cocktail recipe inspired by a cocktail i helped create at umami burger, ginger pear bourbon cocktail no spoon necessary - with fruity pear warm ginger a hint of honey sweetness and a generous splash of boozy bourbon this ginger pear bourbon cocktail is a perfect way to celebrate early fall hiiiiiiii friends happy thirsty thursday my fourth favorite day of the week i feel like the top three days of the week are apparent but in case you haven t had your morning cup of coffee yet i m referring to, cosmopolitan cocktail recipe bbc good food - lipsmackingly sweet and sour the cosmopolitan cocktail of vodka cranberry orange liqueur and citrus is a good time in a glass perfect for a party, cocktail inception the barrel strength boulevardier sour - today we re practicing cocktail inception with the boulevardier sour cocktail a cocktail within a cocktail bonus we re using barrel strength bourbon, the corpse reviver family of cocktails cocktail - a look at the corpse reviver family of cocktails and the two most famous members from the savoy cocktail book the corpse reviver no 1 and corpse reviver no 2