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aftermath of the holocaust wikipedia - the holocaust had a deep effect on society in both europe and the rest of the world its impact has been felt in theological discussions artistic and cultural pursuits and political decisions the after effects are still evident today in children and adults whose ancestors faced this horrible scene, holocaust new world encyclopedia - the holocaust also known as the shoah hebrew hashoah and the porrajmos in romani is the name applied to the systematic persecution and genocide of the jews other minority groups those considered enemies of the state and also the disabled and mentally ill of europe and north africa during world war ii by nazi germany and its collaborators, the problem with miko peled s holocaust yes or no - miko peled was speaking in uk at an event concerning free speech and israel organized by free speech on israel an event that was a side event of the british labour conference what the british call a fringe event with no derogatory sense, the holocaust roots history and aftermath david m - the holocaust roots history and aftermath takes a fresh probing look at one of the greatest human tragedies in modern history author david m crowe begins with a detailed overview of the history of the jews their two millennia old struggle with a larger christian world and the historical anti semitism that created the environment that helped pave the way for the holocaust but it would, hitler and the holocaust modern library chronicles - hitler and the holocaust modern library chronicles robert s wistrich on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers hitler and the holocaust is the product of a lifetime s work by one of the world s foremost authorities on the history of anti semitism and modern jewry robert s wistrich examines europe s long history of violence against its jewish populations, what is fascism the holocaust history a people s and - return to the historical perspectives the cybrary of the holocaust what is fascism from nlg civil liberties committee sept 27 1992 by chip berlet this article is adapted from the author s preface to russ bellant s book old nazis the new right and the republican party co published by south end press and political research associates