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reptiles of costa rica iguana turtles snakes - crocodiles esp cocodrilo some 23 crocodile species crocodiles alligators caimans dwell in most sub tropical and tropical areas of the world they spend most of their time in water but breathe through lungs and are exclusive meat eaters, types of crocodiles in the world 10 crocodile species - types of crocodiles in the world physical features of crocodile crocodiles are tropical reptiles found in freshwater habitat around the world, amazon com wild reptiles snakes crocodiles lizards - a step 2 step into reading science reader about reptiles pbs s successful animated show wild kratts follows the adventures of zoologists chris and martin kratt as they travel to animal habitats around the globe, australian saltwater crocodiles are world s most powerful - marine biologists have been pondering a particularly painful sounding question how hard do alligators and crocodiles bite the answer is a bite force value of 3 700 pounds for a 17 foot saltwater crocodile as well as tooth pressures of 350 000 pounds per square inch, crocs org information on crocs crocodiles from wiki - crocs org domain name crocs is a common abbreviation for crocodiles for any communications regarding this site or domain name e mail crocs info at crocs org the following information on crocs is from wikipedia the free encyclopedia, world of owls our animals - reptiles there is over 8200 species of reptiles throughout our world except antarctica reptiles turtles snakes crocodiles lizards from an inch long to as large as australian salt water crocodiles 23ft weighing at over a ton, reptiles facts characteristics anatomy and pictures - characteristics of reptiles reptiles have certain characteristic features that help in distinguishing them from amphibians mammals and aves respiratory system unlike amphibians who have gills during their juvenile stage reptiles breathe through lungs at all stages of their lives, reptiles saltwater crocodile australia zoo - crocodylus porosus the saltwater crocodile also known as the estuarine or indo pacific crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles this apex predator is formidable opportunistic and adaptable with a considerable range it is found in suitable habitats from northern australia through southeast asia to the eastern coast of india, crocodiles facts pictures live science - crocodiles are large reptiles found in tropical regions of africa asia the americas and australia they are members of the order crocodilia which also includes caimans gharials and alligators there are 13 species of crocodiles so there are many different sizes of crocodile the smallest, reptiles nashville zoo at grassmere - reptiles are vertebrates that regulate body temperature externally have dry glandless skin covered with scales breathe through lungs and lay large eggs that develop on land, crocodiles play give each other piggy backs surf and - the fun lovin crocodiles deadly reptiles play give each other piggy backs surf and like pink flowers biologist vladimir dinets spent years studying the behaviour of crocodiles, reptile gardens hours and location black hills - open from march to november reptile gardens is one of the few black hills attractions for longer than just the summer find out about reptile gardens hours and our location, reptile animal britannica com - reptiles of which there are few endemic families have mainly old world affinities those most likely to be seen include lizards of the agamid family skinks a family of lizards characterized by smooth overlapping scales crocodiles and tortoises, world s top 6 biggest prehistoric crocodiles ever lived - a reconstructed deinosuchus hatcheri skeleton at the natural history museum of utah photo wikipedia deinosuchus is an extinct genus related to the alligator that lived 80 to 73 million years ago ma during the late cretaceous period, crocodiles and alligators charles a ross stephen garnett - crocodiles and alligators by stephen garnett is a superb in depth and exciting collection or prints photos charts and extremely well written information on the world and genre of the crocodilians and their sub species, prehistoric crocodiles evolution mirrored in living species - crocodiles which roamed the world s seas millions of years ago developed in similar ways to their modern day relatives a study has shown fresh research into a group of prehistoric marine crocs known as machimosaurus reveals key details of how and where they lived each species adapted features, reptile and amphibian discovery zoo rad zoo - minnesota s premier reptile destination newly opened in oct 2009 we are already one of the mid west s largest reptile displays marvel at the amazing creatures of the reptile and amphibian world including snakes turtles lizards crocodilians toads frogs and salamanders, facts about reptiles characteristics of reptiles - here we have simply stated out facts about reptiles then the distinctive characteristics of reptiles and at last we have done the most common type of classification of reptiles with links to all the articles about each reptile along with the picture