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amazon com nikon d3100 from snapshots to great shots - now that you ve bought the amazing nikon d3100 you need a book that goes beyond a tour of the camera s features to show you exactly how to use the d3100 to take great pictures, nikon d3100 for dummies paperback amazon com - unlock all the secrets of the powerful new nikon d3100 dslr camera author julie king knows how to teach newbies and in this handy guide she ll help you get the very most out of the powerful new nikon d3100, photo basics 1 introduction and exposure - i m so glad you found your way onto my photography basics series i have taught the basics of photography to millions of photographers around the world through improve photography so i know just exactly how difficult it can seem to learn the basics of photography my goal is to make this photography basics series the, aunsoft video converter convert tivo video to iphone4 - aunsoft video converter helps you convert between various formats it is the must have conversion tool for video lovers and enables you to enjoy movies on computer to further edit video for creation to present video on hdtv and to publish video online in web friendly format, nikon d5000 quick guide tips resources for beginners - recommended bags cases the nikon d5000 is 4 41 long by 2 99 tall by 1 89 wide here are the best cases and bags that fit the d5000 like a glove, photo extremist creative photography tutorials photoshop - photo extremist has creative photography tutorials photoshop tutorials instructional videos and e books that guide you to create your own inspirational artistic masterpiece this web site is for the photoshop master who enjoys digitally manipulating images on the computer but also for the photographic artist who likes taking creative pictures with their dslr camera, nikon d3200 review trusted reviews - the nikon d3200 is an entry level dslr that offers a class leading resolution of 24 3mp and a novice friendly guide mode, a simple guide to the numbers and acronyms on your lenses - what do all of the letters mean on a dslr lens this article answers your questions about lens names, 5 elegant studio lighting setups for model photography - 5 elegant studio lighting setups for model photography watch this photography tutorial video to learn photography lighting setup how to photograph a female model, how to make an inexpensive light tent diy - the following tutorial on constructing an inexpensive light tent was submitted by jeffrey bail see jeffrey s flickr account here note while this is a great diy tutorial that thousands of our readers have used amazon has many inexpensive light tents here that will get you some great results if you re like me you don t, how to guide astrophotography with a dslr geartacular - getting started in astrophotography is easier than you think but mastering it will take a life time this is a guide for beginners or people with a small amount of experience, how to guide astrophotography with a dslr geartacular - without having a way to track the stars you are limited to star trails and 30 second exposures while you have a huge variety of pictures to take with that restriction as seen on the previous page you open up a whole new set of possibilities if you have an equatorial tracking mount as seen above, moving toward manual settings understanding iso a - this is the third installment in a series by hawaii photographer natalie norton on becoming confident with manual camera settings if you are new to photography or don t have a clean grasp of manual settings i recommend that you go back and read the first two installments of this series understanding aperture and understanding shutter, nikon d3200 recommended lenses new camera - the d3200 is perfect camera for entry level photographers the 24 2 megapixel high resolution aps c is developed by nikon itself the expeed 3 processor improves the overall speed and response time of the camera we have 5 categories of lenses each category have one or more lenses in it nikon d3200 support or compatible with only af s lenses af lenses would require manual focusing, how to shoot stunning still life set ups for your - will kemp still life with figs photograph 2012 have you ever got out your digital camera to take a shot of your still life set up and been sorely disappointed with the results, the ultimate photo editor paintshop pro 2018 ultimate - the ultimate in photo editing and graphic design get photoshop like results for less with paintshop pro 2018 ultimate including a faster easier paintshop pro and an exclusive bonus collection of premium software you won t find in photoshop, understanding metering and metering modes photography life - every modern dslr has something called metering mode also known as camera metering exposure metering or simply metering knowing how metering, moose s canon t6 1300d cheat sheets for beginners - moose s cheat cards for the canon t6 1300d my cheat cards tell you exactly which settings and modes to use with your canon t6 1300d for a variety of subjects and scenes, which printer should i buy epson or canon - years ago when i decided to take on the challenge of learning all there is to know about photography printing i swore that i d never pick sides, how to picking a great lens for milky way photography - the lens is the most important factor in the image quality of a landscape astrophoto there are a number of lens traits that will determine the quality and usability of a camera lens for astrophotography let me explain what sort of thinking should go into choosing and using a lens for making, how to photograph the moon - how to photograph the moon and tips on moon photography with dslr if you own a dslr or a point and shoot with an optical zoom i m sure that every once in a while you see a beautiful moon and you think about taking a picture of it especially when the moon is full and beautiful moon photography with a digital camera