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the dumbest things ever said 1001 steven price - the dumbest things ever said 1001 steven price on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a collection of stupid utterances mostly unintentional although not always from politics show business, sh t politicians say the funniest dumbest most - sh t politicians say the funniest dumbest most outrageous things ever uttered by our leaders jesse ventura on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers from the moment a founding father first asked for a vote politicians have been saying dumb stuff, cnn anchor trump picking kavanaugh only makes things - cnn anchor trump picking kavanaugh only makes things harder for red state democrats matt vespa president trump has made his supreme court pick judge brett 08 18 2018 4 53 00am est, the dumbest criticism of single payer health care the - as democrats gravitate towards support for a universal system they need to be ready for this ridiculous attack, trump cnn s lemon dumbest person in broadcasting thehill - president trump said cnn s don lemon is perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting while new day co anchor chris cuomo is like a chained lunatic in an interview with time magazine published thursday, do democrats need a celebrity to tackle trump in 2020 - it started out as a joke but it quickly became something more at sunday s golden globes host seth meyers mentioned former talk show host oprah winfrey in a joke about his role in the 2011 white house correspondents dinner and how being mocked at that eve, 90 miles from tyranny the dumbest liberal ever - ninety miles from the south eastern tip of the united states liberty has no stead in order for liberty to exist and thrive tyranny must be identified recognized confronted and extinguished, ten things a man over 50 should never do executive style - to make thing a little easier we ve cobbled together this completely random list of 10 things you should probably avoid once you turn the big 5 0, america s dumbest congressman says the deputy attorney - it s been a while since we ve heard from america s dumbest congressman but that s on us not him it s not that rep louie gohmert of texas has been keeping any quieter we ve just tuned him out t, hidden camera video shows democrats sent agitators to - operatives working for the democratic national committees sent agitators to donald trump rallies in an attempt to cause violence an effort supported by the hillary clinton campaign, the latest trump doesn t talk about james during ohio rally - 3 p m a spokeswoman for melania trump says it appears that lebron james is working to do good things and that the first lady would be willing to visit the new school he opened in ohio, breitbart tv latest news breitbart - scaramucci to trump do not go overboard on revoking security clearances be cool msnbc s geist to dem sen baldwin looks pretty nakedly political to oppose kavanaugh before meeting him, hillary s america review new dinesh d souza doc is - conservative personality dinesh d souza s latest dose of anti clinton propaganda is one of the dumbest things ever projected onto a screen, nothing is perfect things about portland that suck - one more comment and i m done living here for a long time seems to change people after a while you don t really care about closeness or being around others, 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools - saying that it has always been this way doesn t count as a legitimate justification to why it should stay that way teacher and administrators all over the world are doing amazing things but some of the things we are still doing despite all the new solutions research and ideas out there is to put it mildly incredible, trump calls new anthem policy worse profootballtalk - when the nfl changed its national anthem policy in may the owners hoped in part to appease president donald j trump they failed the president has continued to periodically slam the nfl over the anthem issue, donald trump made 206 arguments about the mueller probe time - president donald trump has made at least 200 separate arguments about the russia investigation, this lady s uncensored rant is capturing the hearts of - this lady s uncensored rant is capturing the hearts of conservatives everywhere video, millennials exemplify the age of all equal all useless - i agree and equality of opportunity is not a reality for everyone as well some of us have questioned everything to do historically in this country and question our founding father s and see the world more critically ironically its not progressives who idealize the founding fathers as people its the conservatives who do, maxine waters calls trump deplorable tea party journal com - see you just proved that anyone who doesn t think this a hole is a bigot is stupid you gave a completely reply that has nothing to do with what michael ksen even said, i know why poor whites chant trump trump trump - from the era of slavery to the rise of donald trump wealthy elites have relied on the loyalty of poor whites all americans deserve better i m just a poor white trash motherfucker no one, intel vets challenge russia hack evidence consortiumnews - in a memo to president trump a group of former u s intelligence officers including nsa specialists cite new forensic studies to challenge the claim of the key jan 6 assessment that russia hacked democratic emails last year, theinquirer news reviews and opinion for tech buffs - five things you should look for in choosing a testing provider choosing a testing partner can be complex so what do you look for this guide offers insight into the qualities you must look for in choosing a testing provider, next crash already started bix weir greg hunter s - by greg hunter s usawatchdog com financial writer and analyst bix weir predicts when we have our next crash and it is coming i believe it will be here this year and that s my final conclusion, top 5 best bug out locations in the us survivopedia - it is very sad in this day and age and in these times to find such ignorance do you even know the them that you are speaking about do you have any concept of where they mostly are in the highest populations, crews battle 3 alarm fire in seattle s sodo area kiro tv - cnn s don lemon pushes back against trump calling him dumbest man on television source cox media group trunk discovered submerged at ocean city beach contains bone other artifacts, barack obama s greatly overrated intellect - barack obama is hopelessly dependent on teleprompters for every word he speaks in public his intellect has been greatly exaggerated