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formal concept analysis wikipedia - formal concept analysis fca is a principled way of deriving a concept hierarchy or formal ontology from a collection of objects and their properties each concept in the hierarchy represents the objects sharing some set of properties and each sub concept in the hierarchy represents a subset of the objects as well as a superset of the properties in the concepts above it, formal concept analysis mathematical foundations - this is the first textbook on formal concept analysis it gives a systematic presentation of the mathematical foundations and their relations to applications in computer science especially in data analysis and knowledge processing, introduction to formal concept analysis coursera - introduction to formal concept analysis from national research university higher school of economics this course is an introduction into formal concept analysis fca a mathematical theory oriented at applications in knowledge representation, foundations of mathematical logic dover books on - this book is a thoroughly documented and comprehensive account of the constructive theory of the first order predicate calculus this is a calculus that is central to modern mathematical logic and important for mathematicians philosophers and scientists whose work impinges upon logic, analysis mathematics britannica com - analysis analysis a branch of mathematics that deals with continuous change and with certain general types of processes that have emerged from the study of continuous change such as limits differentiation and integration since the discovery of the differential and integral calculus by isaac newton and, mathematical analysis calculus free books at ebd - mathematical analysis calculus books at e books directory files with free access on the internet these books are made freely available by their respective authors and publishers, first ai grant recipients future of life institute - project summaries alex aiken project summary artificial intelligence ai is a broad and open ended research area and the risks that ai systems will pose in the future are extremely hard to characterize however it seems likely that any ai system will involve substantial software complexity will depend on advanced mathematics in both its implementation and justification and will be, books in the mathematical sciences - this site is intended as a resource for university students in the mathematical sciences books are recommended on the basis of readability and other pedagogical value topics range from number theory to relativity to how to study calculus, mathematics itself formatics on the nature origin and - mathematics itself formatics on the nature origin and fabrication of structure and function in logic and mathematics yet faith in false precision seems to us to be one of the many imperfections our species is cursed with, business or mission analysis sebok systems engineering - as the enterprise evolves the strategy it is essential to conduct the supporting ma or strategic analysis for each element of the enterprise to determine readiness to achieve future objectives, 3 dimension 1 scientific and engineering practices a - second a focus on practices in the plural avoids the mistaken impression that there is one distinctive approach common to all science a single scientific method or that uncertainty is a universal attribute of science, the concept of information rafael capurro - the concept of information as we use it in everyday english in the sense knowledge communicated plays a central role in today s society the concept became particularly predominant since end of world war ii with the widespread use of computer networks