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here is a great article on early american elrod history from dianne underwood who is an elrod ancestor from north carolina i want to thank her for allowing me to share with everyone, elrod family history genealogy of the elrod family - ever wonder why the line dude named elrod jammin on an ipod was included in the song me and my gang by rascal flatts thank goodness for last minute changes and the rest is history, a thousand years over a hot stove a history of american - a thousand years over a hot stove a history of american women told through food recipes and remembrances laura schenone on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers strong a stunningly illustrated book that celebrates the power of food throughout american history and in women s lives strong filled with classic recipes and, the origins and history of the dukes family of south carolina - the duke family history descendants only a few generations later the history of the family suggests that the relationship year duke family member, researcher uses dna to demonstrate just how closely - 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