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amazon com the stainless steel rat 9781857984989 harry - of all of harry harrison s works the stainless steel rat series is for my money the most enjoyable a sly mixture of sf and humor employing equal quantities of satire and parody with a memorable character at the heart of the stories, similar authors to follow amazon com - harry max harrison born henry maxwell dempsey march 12 1925 august 15 2012 was an american science fiction sf author best known for his character the stainless steel rat and for his novel make room, the stainless steel rat wikipedia - description james bolivar digriz goes by many aliases including slippery jim and the stainless steel rat he is a futuristic con man thief and all round rascal he is charming and quick witted he is also a master of disguise and martial arts an accomplished bank robber a criminal mastermind an expert on breaking and entering and perhaps most usefully a skilled liar, minerva mcgonagall harry potter wiki - professor minerva mcgonagall o m first class b 4 october 1935 was a half blood witch the only daughter of muggle robert mcgonagall and witch isobel ross she had two younger brothers malcolm and robert jr minerva was a registered animagus who attended hogwarts school of witchcraft, prince harry and meghan markle wow nottingham crowds on - media caption prince harry and meghan markle met crowds as they arrived in nottingham meghan markle has had a taste of royal life as she joined her fiance prince harry on their first joint official public engagement in nottingham, sirius black harry potter wiki fandom powered by wikia - sirius black 3 november 1959 18 june 1996 also known as padfoot or snuffles in his animagus form was a pure blood wizard the older son of orion and walburga black and the brother of regulus black although he was the heir of the house of black sirius disagreed with his family s, after battery ray stone - on the old diesel subs the after battery was the usual gathering place where the crew took their meals played cards watched movies held meetings or just sat around imparting words of wisdom to the lower rated riffraff, harry welty lincolndemocrat com the official source - a definition of pro bi ty found on the internet the quality of having strong moral principles honesty and decency financial probity it was inevitable that the tribune would endorse pete stauber and today they did just how they would justify their decision was not as easy to predict, prince harry duke of sussex britannica com - prince harry duke of sussex prince harry duke of sussex younger son of charles prince of wales and diana princess of wales having served two tours of duty in the british military in afghanistan harry founded the invictus games for injured and sick veterans and servicepeople he married u s actress meghan markle in 2018, full list of harry potter characters magical menagerie - a abbot hannah a hufflepuff girl in harry s year and a prefect in books 5 and 6 she was in the d a and her mother was killed in book 6 by a death eater marrys neville longbottom and becomes the barwoman of the three broomsticks, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban harry potter - j k rowling is the author of the record breaking multi award winning harry potter novels loved by fans around the world the series has sold over 450 million copies been translated into 80 languages and made into eight blockbuster films, harry s first detention a harry potter fanfic fanfiction - au one shot about harry s first detention with snape take one mistreated boy one misinformed man mix well and watch what happens sequel now up, debbie harry butchers a model of herself in the name of - earlier in the evening harry performed a song and was carried onto stage in a strange lady gaga style moment the blondie singer was lying down covered in a plastic sheet as dinner guests looked on confused