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the gaited horse bible buying training and riding - brenda imus is a horse breeder and trainer a gaited horse clinician an inventor and a writer she is the author of several books including from the ground up and heavenly gaits and her articles have appeared in multiple publications such as equus magazine horse horseman horse and rider trail rider magazine and western, for horse crazy girls only everything you want to know - for horse crazy girls only everything you want to know about horses christina wilsdon alecia underhill on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers is your first and second favorite animal a horse, sunday surprise blind bag spirit riding free horses - i ve gotten pretty obsessed with the spirit riding free show over these last few weeks i watched many of the episodes twice listening for horse names i took several trips to the store to scope out toys and i bought more things than i ever intended, reach out to horses program anna twinney equine specialist - reach out to horses clinic 3 5 days this clinic forms the foundation for all others as you will be introduced to the silent language of the horse, daughters of the wind a blog on desert arabian horses - i have noticed the longer ears on egyptian arabian horses for a long time when i have questioned this phenomenon i was sternly corrected and reminded that a desert horse and especially a mare needs to have long ears