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long range precision rifle expanded edition the complete - in his original version of long range precision rifle u s army sniper and avid precision rifle and long range rifle shooter competitor and enthusiast anthony cirincione ii put extreme accuracy with a precision rifle within the reach of any shooter his instruction was based on 26 months of combat deployments in iraq and afghanistan and his training of squad designated marksmen for his battalion, 12 next gen precision rifles for long range shooting - headhunters long range tactical the headhunters long range tactical lrt is a 300 wsm rifle built on the ar platform it is available in a range of barrel lengths and thread pitches to match different suppressors and muzzle devices the lrt is a step forward from the standard 308 winchester in both power and range for hunting and tactical applications, custom long range precision rifles snowy mountain rifles - 145 00 muzzle brake prices are for brakes only installation 105 00 for stainless installation black cerakote 130 00 the snowy mountain muzzle brake was developed to match today s modern rifles with high performance and extreme range capabilities, custom rifles g a precision - rock solid reliability for long range precision shooting built on the templar v2 integral short action as of july 2013 parts for the hospitaller are kept on hand for a turnaround time of less than 6 months, 6 affordable precision rifles bolt action edition gun - the rifle is available in calibers perfect for nearly any long range application short of hard target interdiction 308 win 6 5 creedmoor and 6mm creedmoor and the 20 24 or 26 inch heavy fluted barrels on the 10 grs depending on caliber provide superior heat dispersion and plenty of stiffness, long range precision rifle colorado firearms training - this two day long range precision rifle course is designed to provide clients with the concepts formulas and marksmanship skills required to deliver consistent shots a extended distances clients will learn how to accurately adjust for changing conditions and forces that will effect the path of the bullet during flight, jp lrp 07 long range precision rifle - jp lrp 07 long range precision rifle the lrp 07 was designed as a 308 platform to cure the shortcomings of existing rifles and still handle like an ar 15, precision rifle tool official site - ray bowman of precision rifle tool llc pr t has a new stock design the low boy benchrest that combines the successful features of pr t s f class stock with a rear end better suited to shooting from the bench as you may know pr t s f class stock in the hands of charles ballard and others has been hugely successful in f class competition, surgeon rifles be surgical - surgeon rifles accuracy quality reliability be surgical surgeon rifles manufacturers high end precision bolt action rifles for law enforcement comeptition and target shooting, ultra long range rifle svlk 14s twilight lobaev arms - ultra long range rifle svlk 14s twilight svlk 14s is a unique sniper rifle showing outstanding performance for more than 6 years at ranges well exceeding 2000 meters it s power accuracy and extreme range in your hands, savage arms 12 long range precision - the 12 long range precision features user adjustable target accutrigger technology for fine tuning trigger pull from 6 ounces to 2 5 pounds its 26 inch fluted full profile carbon steel barrel is button rifled and perfectly balanced with the hs precision fiberglass stock with v block, lobaev arms long range precision rifles - dxl is a unique long range precision rifle built on a unique modular aircraft aluminum frame it has all the advantages of the classic design hardness of the bedding compound but at the same time it is made of aluminium that is highly appreciated by many shooters, ruger ruger precision rifle bolt action rifle models - purpose built to distance itself from the typical long range rifle medium contour 75 at the muzzle barrel features a ruger precision rifle hybrid muzzle brake to effectively reduce recoil while minimizing noise and blast to the sides of the shooter, model 700 long range remington - unmatched long range precision engineered to make three shots look like one from extended range big game hunting to printing one ragged hole groups from the bench no rifle delivers like the model 700 long range, long range rifles llc long range hunting online magazine - long range rifles llc i have retired from building rifles in order to spend more time on my own adventures and more time with my wonderful family i have been hunting at long range well before it was as accepted as it is today