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ekphrastic tanka atlas poetica - ekphrastic tanka edited by patricia prime ekphrasis is the art of describing works of art the verbal representation of visual representation the word ekphrasis comes from the greek ek and phrasis out and speak respectively verb ekphrazein to proclaim or call an inanimate object by name one of the earliest known examples in western literature is the description of, 25 canadian tanka poets in french and english atlas poetica - 25 canadian tanka poets in french and english introduction by aurora antonovic tanka was introduced to canada by japanese born poets such as takeo nakano who immigrated to canada in 1920, six realms of existence samsara skt japanese buddhism - six states of existence samsara and tibetan wheel of life, modern haiku submission guidelines and policies - please use as few sheets of paper as possible and send your submission in a regular sized business envelope express mail is unnecessary as we look at postmarks to determine compliance with cut off dates, snapshot press publishers of the finest english language - snapshot press is britain s leading independent publisher specializing in haiku tanka and other short poetry, amazon com a reader s guide to japanese literature - familiarly known as rimer s guide since its publication in 1988 a reader s guide to japanese literature by j thomas rimer has now been expanded and updated keeping it abreast of the latest developments in japanese literature, japanese confucianism impact of confucius on japan s art - confucius confucianism in japan influence on japanese art and culture, t 34 76 soviet medium tank tank encyclopedia - the t 34 76 was a successful soviet medium tank first built in 1940 its design proved influential for future development of armored vehicles, japanese introduction location language folklore - japanese introduction location language folklore religion major holidays rites of passage japan to mali