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purolator oil filters cross reference oil filter - visit oilfiltersuppliers com for news tips about all types of oil filters cross reference information cumulative service coverage purolator service champ ac delco mighty wix fram champ 1 00 74804 02202 2 l10111 of 111 pf47 m3387 51040 ph3387a ph47 cross reference information scc 14 code continue reading, amsoil master filter cross reference guide - this cross reference guide will return the corresponding amsoil filter s for any manufacturer filter number amsoil provides filters for both car light truck and heavy duty applications, agco oil filters cross reference oil filter suppliers - oilfiltersuppliers com provides news and tips about all types of oil filters and their suppliers filter exhaust numberfinder 7the data in this catalog is available from www donaldson filters com by selecting the on line catalog button this cross reference information was agco continue reading, bmw airhead motorcycle oil and filter changes in depth - 2000 o ring oil filter shim gasket canister snowbum snobum bmw motorcycle repair technical advice information prostate cancer, oil filter cross reference trans can imports - 244 engine oil filter cross reference make oem k n emgo fram vesrah make oem k n emgo fram vesrah arctic cat 3201044 kn 204 10 82240 ph6017a sf 4007 honda 15410 422 000 kn 401 10 20300 ch6009 sf 1001, amsoil wix oil filter - amsoil wix oil filter made with a full metal base plate for superior strength at the double seal also feature a silicone anti drainback valve glass enhanced media in wix oil filters offers greater efficiency capturing more 10 to 12 micron sized particles than other cellulose synthetic blend medias use part number drop down to select filter, amsoil 10w 40 synthetic motorcycle oil harley performance - amsoil recommended oils for harley davidson motorcycles amsoil 10w 40 synthetic motorcycle oil mcf is recommended for honda kawasaki yamaha suzuki bmw husqvarna and ktm motorcycles calling for a 10w 40 or 20w 40 viscosity providing superior protection in engines and transmissions amsoil mcf 10w 40 is also recommended for use in the primary chain case on harley davidson motorcycles, vehicle oil and maintenance ultimate synthetic oil amsoil - former oem engineer provides the best maintenance info lookup for your specific vehicle plus valuable tips oil filter insider secrets