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communist party of china wikipedia - leadership generations succession of power hu wen administration 2002 2012 xi li administration 2012 2017 xi core administration since 2017 4th leadership core xi jinping, china s leader elevated to the level of mao in communist - beijing china s communist party formally elevated president xi jinping to the same status as party legends mao zedong and deng xiaoping on tuesday writing his name into its constitution and setting up the nation s leader for an extended stay in power, the communist party of china cpc ccp chinatoday com - this is the chinese communist party informationpage including information about chinese communist party communist party of china information of communist party of china commmunist party in china cpc ccp party leaders and communist party s history, general secretary of the communist party of china wikipedia - general secretary of the central committee of the communist party of china, china government chinese government china government - china government chinese government information chinese government information china government related web links the people s republic of china prc, xi jinping wants to be seen as on a par with mao zedong - xi jinping has amassed more power in 20 months than his two immediate predecessors but it may be premature to call him china s new strongman, the china post taiwan in english - taipei aug 14 cna the central weather bureau cwb has issued a heavy rain warning for northern and southern taiwan as the island comes under the, the story of a martyr in mao s china executed and her - blood letters the untold story of lin zhao a martyr in mao s china by lian xi basic books in the new class an analysis of the communist system published in 1957 milovan djilas pointed out the central paradox of communist ideology once a party had consoli dated its power base it would display the same exploitative characteristics as, mao s invisible hand the political foundations of - mao s invisible hand the political foundations of adaptive governance in china harvard contemporary china series paperback may 31 2011, tragedy of chinese china the caste society - the wuhan gang the chungking gang i e the offsprings of the american missionaries diplomats military officers revolutionaries red saboteurs and the old china hands of the 1920s and the herald runners of the dixie mission of the 1940s, china s xi could rule for life as two term limit set to - with a dash of putin and an echo of mao china s xi sets himself up to rule for life, china s president xi jinping speech on the 95th - china s president xi jinping speech on the 95th anniversary of the communist party of china updated