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espora class corvette wikipedia - the espora class corvettes are six warships of the argentine navy built in argentina to the german meko 140a16 design this in turn being based on the portuguese jo o coutinho class project the first entered service in 1985 but accidents and lack of funds meant the last was not completed until 2004 the ships currently form the 2nd corvette division of the argentine navy and their home port, type 054a jiangkai ii class frigate naval technology - the type 054a jiangkai ii class of new missile frigates are in service with the people s liberation army navy plan a long side view of the type 054a frigate zhoushan 529, uss anchorage lpd 23 wikipedia - uss anchorage lpd 23 a san antonio class amphibious transport dock is the second ship of the united states navy to be namesake of the city of anchorage alaska, marine engines parts spares manufacturers and - see also marine engines parts spares on trade seafood directory etiana ventures limited bronze member nigeria etiana ventures is an international maritime and local ship husbandry our diverse and highly skilled workforce deliver high quality services to our numerous customers locally and internationally, zipleaf the world business directory - zipleaf is one of the world s largest network of country specific business directories offering an easy way for consumers to find a local company anywhere in the each country directory, breakout inside china s military buildup reuters com - hong kong it was supposed to be a relaxed evening for a group of senior international military chiefs gathered at melbourne s crown casino they had changed out of uniform for dinner and discussion, international ship supply multi trade shipping marine - this supplier has traded with 4 companies on shipserv the buyer or the supplier has chosen to keep the company names anonymous but you can see the locations and the trading frequency, crew archive 6 of ships for sale com - date 31 august 2003 good afternoon my name is alexander sulyak i am from russia i have experience of work by the 3rd engineer 4th engineer by the reefer bulker and certificates for work on the tanker, lcs the usa s littoral combat ships - the ships have a smaller flight deck than the independence class at 5 200 square feet but a larger 4 680 square foot helicopter hangar the freedom class lcs mission bay is the biggest difference it s under half the size at 6 500 square feet