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name grading rubric for a power point project - presentation flows well tools used correctly correct number of slides overall presentation is interesting presentation flows well some tools used to show acceptable understanding correct number of slides presentation is unorganized tools are not used in a relevant manner lacking in number of slides presentation has no flow no tools used, 6 8 presentation rubric ccss aligned project based - use this rubric to guide students and assess their work or to inform your thinking as you create your own assessment tools schools and districts can adopt or adapt this rubric for use across all classrooms, powerpoint project evaluation rubric content score - presentation is free of spelling and grammatical errors design slides display elements of effective design fonts colors backgrounds etc are effective consistent and appropriate to the topic and audience animations and or sounds have been used to emphasize important points they do not distract from the content, powerpoint rubrics teacherplanet com - powerpoint rubrics general ppt rubric powerpoint presentation assessment world religion ppt rubric find the resources you need search more teaching resources, scoring rubric for oral presentations example 1 - length of presentation is within the assigned time limits 5 information was well communicated 10 score total points 100 scoring rubric for oral presentations example 2 content and scientific merit 60 points introduction defines background and importance of research states objective and is able to identify relevant questions, group presentation rubric pbl101 - team name group presentation rubric the teacher will use this rubric to evaluate each group s presentation students can look at this rubric, assessing a powerpoint presentation teachervision - assessing a powerpoint presentation use this guide to evaluate your students powerpoint slide shows and their presentations included in the packet is a sample rubric and thought frames to consider when reviewing your students work