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fjs dash 8 q400 manual flyingway - for real world operation please consult the official bombardier dash 8 q400 manual although we have worked hard to ensure that the systems modeled are as accurate as possible any operational references or detail are only for operation in the x plane flight simulator, q400 manual takeoff aircraft scribd - performance recovery wash is a detergent wash which has significant performance recovery potential 5 in terms of fuel efficiency 2 maintenance q400 fuel efficiency manual the following elements have a negative impact on fuel burn fod dirty compressor shroud rubbing hp and lp turbine blade increased tip to shroud clearances, q400 performance manual viaintercity com - hi guys i m putting together a more comprehensive performance manual for the q400 at present i ve just incorporated more detailed takeoff and landing speeds for dry and wet runways as well as icing conditions, mjc 8 q400 all editions version 1 majestic software - mjc 8 q400 all editions version 1 0 performance manual intentionally left blank performance 1 i chapter 1 performance data in the manufacturer s airplane flight manuals is based on ideal conditions with a test pilot at the controls factored landing distance the actual certified landing distance, mjc 8 q400 all editions version 1 0 performance manual - mjc 8 q400 all editions version 1 0 performance manual intentionally left blank chapter 1 performance quick reference landing data landing speeds definitions actual landing distance, bombardier dash 8 q400 performance and specifications - the bombardier dash 8 q400 medium turbo prop was first manufactured in 1997 and can be configured to carry a maximum of 19 passengers 1919 miles at a typical cruising speed of 393 mph bombardier dash 8 q400 performance and specifications, q400 conversion training manual takeoff landing gear - dh8 q400 conversion training manual section 2 1 july 09 conversion training manual 1 1 dash 8 q400 conversion excessive rudder will cause a marked deterioration in performance the q400 rudder is very effective and easy to over control when stabilised on speed during climb rudder and aileron trim may be used, normal operations system manual mjc8 q400 - landing to increase the engine performance in a case of a possible go around the recirculation fan switch is normally always left in the recirc position sudden appearance of the cabin pressure warning light will most likely indicate