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why the religious right is wrong about separation of - award winning journalist robert boston lambastes the zealots of the religious right for spreading misinformation about the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state, barton s bunk religious right historian hits the big - credible historians writers and even religious groups have denounced barton s shoddy misleading and politically motivated scholarship which misquotes and misleadingly portrays historical figures and documents here is a sampling of barton s critics, truth and falsehood right and wrong religious tolerance - truth and falsehood are they absolute or relative compared to two years ago just half as many americans believe that absolute moral truth exists dropping from 38 in january 2000 to only 22 in november 2001, taking liberties why religious freedom doesn t give you - robert boston is the director of communications for americans united for separation of church and state and the editor of church state magazine he is the author of why the religious right is wrong about separation of church and state close encounters with the religious right and the most dangerous man in america pat robertson and the rise of the christian coalition, jehovah s witnesses religion in america u s religious - explore the geographic distribution and demographics of america s major religious groups, things morally right but religiously wrong - jeff asher www expositorysermonoutlines com 1 things morally right but religiously wrong i introduction a religion and morality 1 many people equate being moral with being religious or christian, attendance at religious services religion in america u - explore the geographic distribution and demographics of america s major religious groups, religious education religious instruction in nz primary - the whole topic of religious education it s actually religious instruction or ri in state schools is a complicated issue that has been a battle ground for over 140 years since the education act 1877 was enacted that governs all state primary schools in new zealand this page is a quick guide to the religious instruction issue if you would like more detailed information you might, past religious conflicts religious tolerance - after translating click on the show original button at the top of this page to restore page to english, one rule to save them all the religious right to hire and - collectively religion is one of the largest private employers in the nation with unique exemptions from anti discrimination laws will philip ruddock s planned review recommend more brian morris weighs in quite remarkably a public majority will be unaware of the likely impact of prime minister turnbull s decision to empower the religious freedom review, islamic religious police wikipedia - guidance patrol persian ga t e er d also known as guidance patrol is the main islamic religious police or vice squad in the law enforcement force of islamic republic of iran established in 2005 succeeding previously defunct institutions with the same task with the task to impose islamic dress codes and norms of conduct in public particularity regarding the, did cosmos pick the wrong hero out there - there will always be debate between science and religion in the way one compares physical evidence to metaphysical evidence the literal interpretation of religious writings likely existed at the same time as when writing was developed so that is more a function of closed mindedness that is seen in extreme branches of all religions, catholic encyclopedia religious life new advent - overview and evangelical ideas on what makes up religious life, religious trauma syndrome it s time to recognize it - i m really struggling and am desperate never to go back to the religion i was raised in but i no longer want to live in fear or depression, religious morality and discrimination friesian school - religious morality and discrimination meanwhile back in america the little sisters of the poor were preparing their legal briefs the roman catholic order of nuns first came to america in 1868 and were welcomed in every city they entered, action center people for the american way - speaking out to hold our leaders accountable and let them know the public is watching is vital to participatory democracy the progressive movement and the fight to defend the american way depend on the grassroots engagement of everyday americans, scrupulosity ocd religious moral symptoms steven j - question i have scrupulosity religious moral obsessive compulsive disorder and i am triggered by religious posts on facebook when i see a religious post i feel like i have to repost it or god will be mad at me