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chapter 13 the respiratory system flashcards quizlet - air enters the nasal cavity of the respiratory system through the 1 the nasal cavity is divided by the midline 2 the nasal cavity mucosa has several functions, air enters your lungs through what qa answers com - answers com categories science biology human anatomy and physiology respiratory system lungs air enters your lungs through what air enters your lungs through what save cancel, air enters your respiratory system through qa answers com - does the respiratory system warm air as it enters the body yes it does the nose is designed with conchae or turbinates that provide a pathway meatus that causes the air to touch the walls as it passes through, respiratory system anatomy review flashcards quizlet - is the transport of respiratory gases between the lung and tissue cells of the body accomplished by cardiovascular system using blood as the transport vehicle, respiratory system answers air enters through - respiratory system answers air enters through respiratory system answers air enters through in this site is not the thesame as a answer encyclopedia you buy in a autograph album accrual or download off the web our beyond 8 018 manuals and ebooks is the, what is the pathway air follows as it passes through your - air enters through the nose and sometimes the mouth moves through the nasal cavity the pharynx the larynx enters the trachea moves through the bronchi and bronchioles till the alveoli the pathway of air in the respiratory system starts with the external organs of the nose and mouth, trace the path of air as it travels through the - at this point air travels through the terminal bronchiole and then the respiratory bronchiole air then travels through the alveolar duct to the alveolar sac and finally the alveolus itself it is at this point when air is in the alveoli that gas exchange actually takes place and oxygen enters the blood stream