Significant Tornadoes 1680 1991 Or A Chronology And Analysis Of Events -

significant tornadoes 1680 1991 a chronology and analysis - buy significant tornadoes 1680 1991 a chronology and analysis of events on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, 1884 howard south dakota tornado wikipedia - the 1884 howard south dakota tornado was a large tornado that occurred on august 28 1884 near howard south dakota which was then part of the dakota territory event it demolished one farm located south of bridgewater south dakota four people were killed there and two injured it was one of an outbreak of four very strong tornadoes in the area that day, list of north american tornadoes and tornado outbreaks - parent article list of tornadoes and tornado outbreaks these are some notable tornadoes tornado outbreaks and tornado outbreak sequences that have occurred in north america the listing is u s centric with greater and more consistent information available for u s tornadoes some north american outbreaks affecting the u s may only include tornado information from the u s, the tornado nature s ultimate windstorm thomas p - tornadoes occur everywhere in the united states and each region of the nation has its own tornado season tornadoes have crossed mountains some have lasted more than an hour scouring the earth with 250 mile per hour winds and some have carried automobiles a half mile and leveled sturdy homes