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sun tzu for women the art of war for winning in business - for twenty five centuries men have used sun tzu s classic the art of war as a guide to conflict in recent years it s been a guide to climbing the corporate ladder but this book shows that there are more paths to winning than frontal assault, mastering the art of war zhuge liang s and liu ji s - composed by two prominent statesmen generals of classical china this book develops the strategies of sun tzu s classic the art of war into a complete handbook of organization and leadership the great leaders of ancient china who were trained in sun tzu s principles understood how war is waged successfully both materially and mentally and how victory and defeat follow clear social, the art of war a 13 point plan to mastering business - sun tzu also points out ways you can really screw things up as a leader having insufficient vision and a poor overview of the situation this resultsin using the incorrect amount of resources or methods to meet the right challenges, udemy website all courses dhhc net - 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