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tensor from wolfram mathworld - tensor an th rank tensor in dimensional space is a mathematical object that has indices and components and obeys certain transformation rules each index of a tensor ranges over the number of dimensions of space however the dimension of the space is largely irrelevant in most tensor equations with the notable exception of the contracted kronecker delta, introduction to tensor analysis and the calculus of moving - this textbook is distinguished from other texts on the subject by the depth of the presentation and the discussion of the calculus of moving surfaces which is an extension of tensor calculus to deforming manifolds, tensor calculus a concise course dover books on - a compact exposition of the theory of tensors this text also illustrates the power of the tensor technique by its applications to differential geometry elasticity and relativity, kees dullemond kasper peeters - 1 the index notation before we start with the main topic of this booklet tensors we will rst introduce a new notation for vectors and matrices and their algebraic manipulations the index, ricci curvature tensor from wolfram mathworld - the ricci curvature tensor also simply known as the ricci tensor parker and christensen 1994 is defined by r mukappa r lambda mulambdakappa where r lambda mulambdakappa is the riemann tensor geometrically the ricci curvature is the mathematical object that controls the growth rate of the volume of metric balls in a manifold