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which tech billionaires donate the most to charity - one tech billionaire you might not have heard of intel co founder gordon moore the visionary behind moore s law is also one of the globe s most prolific philanthropists he and his wife betty joined the giving pledge in 2012 eleven years after donating half of their wealth to their own namesake foundation, these billionaires have promised to donate forbes - several billionaires have vowed to spend millions to aid the relief efforts in houston following one of the biggest natural disasters in recent texas history several billionaires have vowed to spend millions to aid the relief efforts in houston following one of the biggest natural disasters in recent texas history, 14 billionaires signed bill gates and warren buffett s - signatories of the giving pledge must be billionaires if not for the money they are giving away the goal of making a public pledge is to encourage others to consider philanthropy too even if they aren t billionaires, billionaires donate half their wealth to charity - the united states has roughly 400 billionaires about 40 percent of the world s total according to forbes the pledge is a moral commitment to give not a legal contract it does not involve pooling money or supporting a particular set of causes or organizations, the 2018 billionaires list all current u s billionaires - gates had topped the list for the last 22 years some quick facts about this years billionaires the minimum net worth for entry was 1 7 billion the same as it was a year ago a record 153 billionaires were too poor to make the exclusive club while 22 newcomers joined the ranks forty two of the spots on the forbes 400 are filled by those born outside the u s, donald trump the least charitable billionaire in the - in the aftermath of national tragedies like september 11 and hurricane katrina when public figures worth a fraction of trump were donating seven figures to relief organizations the billionaire apparently misplaced his checkbook somewhere in his triplex atop trump tower, tabung harapan where are all the billionaires donations - yes if more billionaires and millionaires rakyat are to donate to the tabung harapan generously the amount in its till may be more but who are we to demand others to do their part it is after all a voluntary initiative, how blockbuster donations from billionaires have helped - many signatories said they were already giving away money quietly but the billionaire s call persuaded them to set an example blockbuster donations to charity are relatively rare but their impact can be enormous according to the banking firm coutts there were 355 donations in britain that broke the 1m barrier last year up from 298, billionaires who are giving away their fortunes business - many billionaires give some of their money to charity to date allen has donated 2 billion to charity according to research firm wealth x including a 100 million donation last year to combat the ebola virus outbreak in west africa manoj bhargava who has promised to donate 90 of his fortune focuses his charitable work on alleviating human suffering youtube hot new trailers the, how many billionaires support the democratic vs - we cross checked the open secrets list of the top 100 individuals donating to outside spending groups in the current election against the forbes list of the world s billionaires and found that as of june 19 there were 22 individuals on the open secrets list who were billionaires of those 22 billionaires 13 or more than half gave, the giving pledge wikipedia - the giving pledge is a campaign to encourage wealthy people to contribute a majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes as of 2018 the pledge has 183 signatories either individuals or couples from 22 different countries most of the signatories of the pledge are billionaires and their pledges total over 365 billion it does not actually dictate that the money is spent in any certain, billionaires millionaires contact addresses mailing list index - great way to ask billionaires for donations or money write or contact all u s billionaires 500 millionaires and 1000 ceo s with our exclusive contact addresses of the wealthy and super rich, here are 16 billionaires who ve donated to the silicon - a community foundation in silicon valley grew to become the country s largest as a result of multimillion dollar donations from a swath of billionaires here s a list of who they are, hurricane harvey 5 million donations immigrant money - meet the billionaire immigrant who just made one of the largest donations to hurricane harvey relief subscribe subscribe home he told money that bill gates and warren buffett who have big hearts don t always have the time to see the fruits of their charitable efforts i want to see the worst area hoang said at the time according to the san jose mercury news he made, hillary clinton is outraising trump 20 to 1 among billionaires - james cox chambers have also given to clinton according to the data all of the billionaire donors were contacted for comment and most didn t respond or declined to comment representatives for geffen soros and dustin moskovitz confirmed their donation amounts and declined to comment further