The Delaware State Constitution A Reference Guide -

the delaware state constitution oxford commentaries on - the delaware state constitution is the first state constitution drafted by a convention composed of popularly elected representatives and it is rich with history and tradition, constitution for the united states we the people - the constitution of the united states the bill of rights all amendments a highly accessible easy to use online version full text transcript including the bill of rights and the rest of the amendments with both sequential and subject indexes, constitution of georgia u s state wikipedia - the constitution of the state of georgia is the governing document of the u s state of georgia the constitution outlines the three branches of government in georgia the legislative branch is embodied in the bicameral general assembly the executive branch is headed by the governor the judicial branch is headed by the supreme court besides providing for the organization of these branches the, cle delaware state bar association - the delaware state bar association offers a variety of seminars for the continued professional development of its members please note before you purchase any video selections you must be certain you are in compliance with the rules of the delaware cle commission including any requirements on the number of hours 12 which must be taken at a live cle during a two year compliance reporting, constitution of indiana wikipedia - the constitution of indiana is the highest body of state law in the u s state of indiana it establishes the structure and function of the state government and enumerates specific rights of indiana citizens under the principles of federalism indiana s constitution is subordinate only to the u s constitution and federal law prior to the enactment of indiana s first state constitution and, article i washington state constitution ballotpedia - article 1 of the washington state constitution is labeled declaration of rights it includes 35 sections and has been amended seven times since the current version of the washington state constitution was ratified on october 1 1889 section 1, u s national militia directory constitution society - u s national militia directory directory by state the following are links to unofficial web pages for each state each of which will include links to locally maintained constitutional militia web sites as these become known, article ii washington state constitution ballotpedia - article ii of the washington state constitution is labeled legislative department article ii has been amended 19 times since 1889 it was first amended in 1912 and most recently in 2007 the legislative authority of the state of washington shall be vested in the legislature consisting of a senate, the 50 states of the u s a - the 50 states of the u s a last update april 2009 jump to comprehensive sites on all 50 states info on specific states a c d l m r s w u s territories boundaries of the contiguous united states, the black past remembered and reclaimed an online - solve this simple math problem and enter the result e g for 1 3 enter 4, the state of new jersey an introduction to the garden - welcome to new jersey new jersey ratified the u s constitution in 1787 becoming the third state to do so and was the first state to ratify the bill of rights in 1789 new jersey is an aggressively industrial state and has been throughout u s history as far back as 1791 when alexander hamilton