The Farnam Method Of Defensive Handgunning -

guns warriors dti quips vol 1 john s farnam john - john farnam is president of defense training international inc and has been teaching defensive firearms courses for over 30 years he is a combat veteran of the vietnam war a major retired in the u s army reserve and a police officer with many years of practical experience, advisory board armedcitizensnetwork org - in addition he has authored three books on the subject the farnam method of defensive handgunning the farnam method of defensive shotgun and rifle shooting and the street smart gun book and is author of numerous articles about defensive shooting and tactics published in magazines including police marksman american handgunner combat handguns guns and ammo and soldier of fortune, women learning to shoot a guide for law enforcement - by roger lanny women learning to shoot a guide for law enforcement officers by diane nicholl and vicki farnam this book is a companion and follow up to their teaching women to shoot a law enforcement instructor s guide, tacfire tactical firearms training institute instructors - hank titus is a marine corps veteran where he served as a fast fleet anti terrorism security team team leader and infantry squad leader graduating first in his class at the marine corps security force training battalion with the class high shooter award and a meritorious promotion hank deployed to mcsfcoeur command marine corps security force company europe africa, recommended reading active response training - i recommend reading any or all of the books below to increase your knowledge in the fields of weapons usage crime prevention the history of armed conflicts terrorism interpersonal violence and the criminal assault paradigm i read about 15 books a month very few make it to this list you can be