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a hard future for traditional christianity the american - exit polling shows that ireland has voted in a landslide 68 percent to 32 percent to change the constitution to legalize abortion among 18 to 24 year olds the pro abortion vote was 87 percent, future faith ten challenges reshaping christianity in the - in future faith ten challenges reshaping the practice of christianity author wesley granberg michaelson provides a lucid view of how the top ten winds of change blowing through global christian faith are reshaping the practice of christianity today he is uniquely qualified to identify and interpret connection points between global christian trends and the american church, amazon com christianity essence history future - fulfillment by amazon fba is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in amazon s fulfillment centers and we directly pack ship and provide customer service for these products, christianity and slavery world future fund - christianity has a long record of supporting slavery while some christians in modern times have opposed it the overall record is one of support this page documents this with quotes, the decline of christianity in america - are we witnessing the decline of christianity in america when you examine all of the most recent poll numbers the answer is inescapable, the rosicrucian cosmo conception by max heindel - the rosicrucian cosmo conception or mystic christianity an elementary treatise upon man s past evolution present constitution and future development, pessimistic christianity kingdom watcher - the bible is an optimistic book the new testament is also full of the kingdom of god over and over again it speaks of the greatness of jesus victory on the cross, can liberal christianity be saved the new york times - in 1998 john shelby spong then the reliably controversial episcopal bishop of newark published a book entitled why christianity must change or die spong was a uniquely radical figure during his career he dismissed almost every element of traditional christian faith as so much, hitler s religious beliefs and fanaticism - their sword will become our plow and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow adolf hitler mein kampf note their sword will become our plow appears to paraphrase micah 4 3 about beating swords into ploughshares but his tears of war more resembles joel 3 9 10 beat your plowshares into swords, marketing christianity bad news about christianity - xxx all in all the christian church or rather the principal christian churches have behaved remarkably like our hypothetical marking religion up until recent times it has engaged in heavy marketing to gain market share and then enforced monopoly wherever possible, the future of world religions population growth - about these projections while many people have offered predictions about the future of religion these are the first formal demographic projections using data on age fertility mortality migration and religious switching for multiple religious groups around the world, christianity is not religion christ in you ministries - christianity is not religion the latin word from which the english word religion is derived means to bind up jesus did not come to bind us up in rules and regulations or rituals of devotion but to set us free to be man as god inended, christian vandalism bad news about christianity - the famous temple of apollo at patara was destroyed possibly by st nicholas a bishop now better known as santa claus certainly he like many other bishops was a keen destroyer of other people s holy places in the area, isaiah 65 66 declare christianity to be a false religion - now in regards to isaiah 65 this chapter speaks about future prophecies and promises that god almighty is making for the future of the people of israel so this is not a book that is just giving mere commands it is rather speaking about the future and the end of times interestingly we read the