The Iliad Or The Odyssey -

the iliad the odyssey by homer - if the iliad is the world s greatest war story then the odyssey is literature s greatest evocation of every man combining the skills of a poet and scholar robert fagles brings the energy of contemporary language to this enduring heroic epic, the iliad and odyssey university of idaho - the iliad and odyssey historical background who what where these epic stories are about the mycenaean or bronze age ancient greeks who flourished from about 1600 1100 bc, the iliad the odyssey summary characters video - the iliad and the odyssey blend events from greek history mythology and culture that reveal the unique worldview of this ancient civilization they are full of morals about human emotions and things like vanity pride lust and dishonor continually reappear always to the detriment of the hero, the iliad and the odyssey homer 9781533527301 amazon - the iliad and the odyssey homer on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers set during the trojan war the ten year siege of the city of troy ilium by a coalition of greek states, the iliad and the odyssey homer s epic poems mrdowling com - the iliad and the odyssey during the greek dark age poets called bards traveled to different poli the bards told stories in the form of long poems called epics people would often pay to hear the bards describe stories of the distant past the bards would sing many of the epic poems while accompanied by a stringed instrument called a lyre, sparknotes the odyssey context - the iliad tells the story of the greek struggle to rescue helen a greek queen from her trojan captors the odyssey takes the fall of the city of troy as its starting point and crafts a new epic around the struggle of one of those greek warriors the hero odysseus, what are the iliad and the odyssey answers com - the iliad and the odyssey are two epic poems written by homer around the 9th century bc they are two of the oldest recorded written works in history the iliad deals with a ten, the iliad the odyssey mr fitzpatrick s class - the iliad the odyssey and the aeneid which work their way into so many aspects of our culture today invite your class to discuss aeneas s position as an immigrant displaced by war and see if students can make the connection to current events let that, the iliad the odyssey audiobook by homer audible com - the iliad together with the odyssey is one of two ancient greek epic poems traditionally attributed to homer the work is commonly dated to the 8th or 7th century bc and many scholars believe it is the oldest extant work of literature in the greek language making it the first work of european literature, homer greek poet britannica com - homer homer presumed author of the iliad and the odyssey although these two great epic poems of ancient greece have always been attributed to the shadowy figure of homer little is known of him beyond the fact that his was the name attached in antiquity by the greeks themselves to the poems, amazon com the iliad the odyssey 9781435110434 homer - the iliad the odyssey is part of barnes noble s series of quality leatherbound volumes each title in the series presents a classic work in an attractively designed edition bound in durable bonded leather