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the definitive history of trust the process bleacher - you would be hard pressed to find a mantra throughout sports history that is more synonymous with a team s culture and identity than trust the process is to the philadelphia 76ers, what it really means to trust the process connie chapman - to trust the process means to know and have faith that there is a divine plan moving through you and your life in any moment even if you cannot understand what is unfolding right now you have an unshakeable sense of trust that the reason that this is happening is because circumstances are rearranging for your higher good, trust the process alphaarchitect com - trust the process thus the 76ers fans have clung to the slogan trust the process the process set forward by sam was rather simple keep losing and increase the unconditional probability of getting a high draft pick as the best players generally are drafted very high in the draft simple enough, trust the process seeking alpha - trust the process is a slogan that has recently come into vogue in the sports world i believe that it applies in many walks of life and it is truly significant in investing trust the process means sticking to a well grounded methodology to accomplish a long term goal, no matter how difficult trust the process goins writer - no matter how difficult the task trust the process by paul jun 61 comments editor s note this is a guest post from paul jun paul connects the dots on his blog motivated mastery, trust the process swim news - trust the process the nba s philadelphia 76ers have made it part of their team identity as they rebuild with fans and analysts touting that they were trusting the process even as the team was consistently playing awful, trust the process god s at work in your lowest times - trust the process imagine if in the midst of a losing season with heads hanging down in the locker room the team owner walks into the room with the championship trophy informing the players that it is theirs, trust the process how three years of losing on purpose - trust the process they screamed as star center joel embiid motioned for them to raise the volume trust the process trust the process 76ers fans couldn t stop chanting trust the process tonight, trust the process has a different more personal meaning - trust the process is the most popular catchphrase surrounding the sixers but for joel embiid it has a different more personal meaning by jessica camerato, trust the process quotes 16 quotes goodreads - 16 quotes have been tagged as trust the process mandy hale what we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting tru, trust the process 76ers brown embraces chant espn com - when sixers rookie center joel embiid shoots free throws at the wells fargo center philly s hometown fans have developed a custom of chanting trust the process as the big man readies himself for the freebies, is it better to trust the process or to change it - anthony scaramucci during his abbreviated reign as white house communications director argued for a health care system that would trust the process of the free market like in telecom like in airlines those industries of notoriously satisfied consumers